Day at Podar Jumbo Kids Plus


Where a child is free to choose his activity. This is important as providing choices is good for the pre-frontal lobe in the brain and the pre-frontal lobe controls functions like decision- making etc.

Circle Time

Where children engage in musical play, rhymes, and finger play rhymes that help in impulse control, listening, eye-hand control, reading and sequencing.

Activity Time

Art activities, drawing, craft, coloring; engaging activities like activity sheets, phonic program, numeracy skills development and literacy skills development etc for holistic development of all senses and skills.

Snack Time

Diet activates memory. Here children imbibe table manners and healthy food habits.

Show and Tell

A child's urge to explore his/her world, his/her environment and get his/her millions of questions answered is fulfilled in this part of the day.

Outdoor Play

Water play, sand play, parachute play and a host of activities that will develop the child's growing pro-social skills.

Wind up and reverence

Talking and sharing about one's day and ending it on a note of relaxation and yoga.